Food and Dining

Cafe Hunt: I Am

To continue our café hopping, my love and I headed to I Am Café last week for a CNY dinner date. The place is along Haji Lane and is easy to find because it’s just by the roadside. They call this café as gateway to Europe though I can’t really tell from it’s overall ambiance that it’s European-inspired except for the huge Amsterdam wall painting. :)

Similar with Artistry Café, there are only limited tables available. The place is really small and most of the seats are lined outside the café or opposite the lane. It’s also an open air space / non-air-conditioned so depending on the time of day, it might be too humid to dine on mid day but could totally be romantic at night. We went there late in the afternoon or early dinner and the weather is just fine. Continue Reading


February Favourites

Happy first day of March!! :)

I’m starting a new series on the blog to list down my current and recommended items for the month. It will be a quick rundown of the things I bought, have been using for a while or was given to me as a gift. It can just be any random everyday things, but definitely all loved by me. ^^ Continue Reading

Random Thoughts

The Greenery, Bulacan

One of our not-so random dates when we were in the Philippines last December was an overnight stay at The Greenery in Baliwag, Bulacan. This place is a popular venue for weddings and couple photo shoots. It used to be my top pick when we were researching for our possible prenup locations last year but I find them quite expensive given the few hours stay that we will only need for the shoot.

True enough, the place looks really good in photos. The villas were built and arranged like a small countryside village. There’s a small farm house and an infinity pool too. Continue Reading


Australia: Day Trip to the Blue Mountains

We booked an all-in day trip to the Blue Mountains with Gray Line Tours and embarked on a 2-hr long drive to Katoomba, the regional capital of the Blue Mountains. I don’t usually go on group tours and prefer to make my own itinerary to save moolah but this one’s by far one of the best tours I’ve been part of and it was definitely worth every cent. Their tour was curated in such a way that we don’t need to worry about anything else. We were provided with entry tickets to Scenic World, Waradah Aboriginal Centre, Featherdale Wildlife Park, $25 worth of Lunch and a Parramatta River Cruise back to the city. It may seem like a lot for a day but we had enough time to explore everything. Continue Reading

All Things Beautiful

Bohemian Bridal Shower

I came from a background where people do not really throw shower parties, so I don’t know anything about showers except for the kind that I do every day inside the bathroom. :p I used to think that it is something that only rich celebrities do… with naughty activities and naked men coming out of a giant gift box (or a cake!).

When I became a Christian, I started to see Bridal Showers differently and witnessed how women who loves God do it in a meaningful way. There are games, heartfelt messages, advices and covering of prayers and blessings. I knew in my heart that it’s the type I would want for myself when my turn comes and I’m happy that it’s exactly what my friends did for me too. I prefer small, casual, wholesome get-togethers with food, activities and meaningful conversations. NO male stripper!! Haha! Not that I have something against that kind of “fun”, but it’s not for me. Continue Reading

Food and Dining

An Afternoon at Antonio’s

To maximize our stay in Manila, Ge and I went on some spur-of-the-moment dates. One of it is a road trip to Tagaytay where I specifically requested to try Antonio’s. I’ve read good reviews online and saw nice photos too so why not try the resto for real!

Since it’s just a random date, we didn’t have the address with us. We don’t have internet connection either because we’re only using prepaid sim cards when we’re in the Philippines. We asked around for directions and discovered that there’s 3 different Antonio’s!! There’s Antonio’s, Breakfast at Antonio’s and Antonio’s Grill. Errh, I don’t know which one exactly, I just know that it’s pretty. Hmm, probably an all-day breakfast will fit the photos I saw and I am remembering in my head, and so we headed to Breakfast at Antonio’s. :) Continue Reading