March Favourites

These are a few of my favorite things.. this month!

Si – This is Bob Ong’s latest book about love. I brought this buddy on our trip to Taiwan and I was able to finish it right in that short 4-hour flight back to Singapore. It was cleverly written backwards but still an easy read. And just like other Bob Ong’s books, I am reminded of my childhood and how life used to be just so simple and unfussy. It actually brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes. I was in the plane crying in front of a book and Ge was like, what happened to you??? Hahaha! Great read for Bob Ong fans and the younger generation!

Luxury Buffalo Journal A5 – I bought this notebook mainly because of its color, its leather-like cover and the gold lining of each page like a Bible. So chic! I’m using this as my prayer journal, to keep track of my petitions and to note God’s answers along the way.

Eiffel Scissors – How cute is this gold scissors? It’s another Typo find and I’m currently obsessing over anything Parisian. Maybe I’m just too excited for our trip to Paris very soon! Oh not maybe, I AM excited! :)

Petroleum Jelly – I am using this house staple to keep my feet moisturized and soft. You know, from all the miles of walking during our travels or those tiis-ganda stylish shoes that this poor thing has to fit in, and all the weight it carries (body weight, groceries, laptop bag, etc), sometimes our feet suffers the most beating. So once a week, I apply petroleum jelly all over my feet, put a pair of socks on, then sleep on it. I wake up the next morning, and voila! My feet feels smoother and conditioned like it had a SPA treatment. :)

Marks and Spencer Vintage Forget-Me-Not Hand and Nail Cream – I “seasonally” have eczema developing at the end of my fingernails. I had this since when I was a child and it usually comes out during cold season or when I’m staying too long in our cold office. :) It’s not severe but sometimes the skin cracks and peels so I always keep a hand cream ready to prevent my hands (my fingers especially) from drying. I have been happily using this M&S cream since last year. It has a light texture, it’s non-greasy and has a subtle smell that lingers on for a while.

All Things Beautiful

Laurice’s DIY Maternity Shoot

7 months into her pregnancy, we organized a DIY maternity sesh for Laurice to bless her and Fred with memorable photos of “THEM” being pregnant. :) Ge and John agreed to contribute their photography skills while the cute teletubbies, us — Dana, Tina, Beng and I were more than happy to DIY props and assist.

It was so beautiful to see Laurice hold her belly in such an affectionate way. Or to see Fred looking at her and her tummy with much love and amazement. Soon enough, a brand new person will be born in this world and a cute little miracle will bring joy to her parents and an answer to a long time prayer.

PSALM 37:4-5 Delight thyself in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Victoria, derived from the latin word victory. And Grace, an undeserved gift from God. She is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to Laurice and Fred and she will always be a reminder of His love for them. Continue Reading

Happily Ever After

Teaser: Reminiscin’ the Big Day

Weeeee! After the long wait, we finally received our official wedding photos! :)

Well, not really actually. The package was sent over to our Philippines address and we’re still waiting for it to be shipped to Singapore. But thankfully, Jaja’s team was kind enough to upload the artist’s picks and share the link to us so we can already download and see them! Yay!

I kind-of pride myself for my planning skills. My patience in research, reading reviews and being OC came handy in making this special day as personal to us as possible. It wasn’t perfect and it may not have happened exactly the way I envisioned it but I know that it happened the way God intended it to be. :) Thank you again to everyone who were our extra hands in preparations especially to my mom and mother in law! Great big hug to my husband for joining me in my crazy crafty adventures and for almost saying YES to every decision I made. Love yah, dude! Hihi!

Here are some of the shots I love. It’s not so much different from our wedding slideshow but I love them still. I can take a closer (and longer) look at each one without hitting pause. Hahaha! I can’t wait to see the rest and I promise to post more details soon! :) Continue Reading


Travel Video: Fun Taiwan!

Here’s my second attempt to document my (our) travels in this format. Check the first one here!

I figured that videos are really one of the coolest ways to lock those memories in a time capsule. So here’s to hoping I can make more videos like this in the future. It won’t be as cinematic and professional (because I like it raw and real) but it’ll definitely get better with practice. ;)

Until then, enjoy!!

PS. I’d be sharing photos of our trip in a separate post too. Watch out for it! :)

Music by Secret Nation

Food and Dining

Cafe Hunt: I Am

To continue our café hopping, my love and I headed to I Am Café last week for a CNY dinner date. The place is along Haji Lane and is easy to find because it’s just by the roadside. They call this café as gateway to Europe though I can’t really tell from it’s overall ambiance that it’s European-inspired except for the huge Amsterdam wall painting. :)

Similar with Artistry Café, there are only limited tables available. The place is really small and most of the seats are lined outside the café or opposite the lane. It’s also an open air space / non-air-conditioned so depending on the time of day, it might be too humid to dine on mid day but could totally be romantic at night. We went there late in the afternoon or early dinner and the weather is just fine. Continue Reading


February Favourites

Happy first day of March!! :)

I’m starting a new series on the blog to list down my current and recommended items for the month. It will be a quick rundown of the things I bought, have been using for a while or was given to me as a gift. It can just be any random everyday things, but definitely all loved by me. ^^ Continue Reading