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Three Destinations on my Travel Bucket List

I’m a huge fan of creating lists – Travel Bucket List especially. There are just a lot of things that I love in this world and listing them down gives me something to aspire and look forward to.

My third-world passport, however, comes with its own restrictions. Thus, I always try to be realistic with my goals and only dream of something I know I can actually make happen. But I realized that the more I go out there and brave the unknown, the more my heart craves to see, meet and experience. And the more the impossible becomes possible. As Anais Nin puts it, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. This is so true. My dream destinations became achievable because I allowed myself to be open to possibilities. Continue Reading

tavajun bay

Weekend in Borneo: Tavajun Bay

On our second day, we decided to have our lunch at Tavajun Bay — Gaya Island Resort’s secluded, private beach just 5 minutes away by boat. It is free to visit and the resort offers hourly speedboat transfers, easy peasy!

I was mesmerized when I saw the turquoise blue waters glistening under the summer sun as we approached the bay. It reminded me of our time in Coron, the comfort and tranquility that it brings, and the way the sight of the ocean instantly clears up the mind. Now I know why nations are fighting over this piece of paradise. Sabah, Borneo is more than just beautiful. Continue Reading

Gaya Island Resort

Weekend in Borneo: Gaya Island Resort

A few months back, I planned a quick weekender trip for me and Ge in light of the Good Friday holiday. I usually plan our trips ahead, way ahead. :) I cannot afford to take last minute trips because we’re working on a budget and only have less than 2 weeks paid vacation days so I try to maximize our getaways by taking it together with a public holiday and/or a weekend.

This quick break though planned, came just at the right time. It was really a much needed off to rest and nourish the soul. I know that we just had our Taiwan trip last month and though it may seem that we’re having the time of our life, there’s also a lot of circumstances at work (and in life!) that we had to deal with in between. Ge and I have been working like crazy in the past months, no, in the past 3 years. There’s overload of tasks, a lot of unpaid overtime and weekend affairs, and less growth (I know most OFWs all over the world can relate to this) that sometimes, I can’t help but feel really exhausted and unappreciated. But as we always say, we’re blessed to have been given an opportunity to work and serve Singapore. It may be a constant struggle but I believe that God is working with us and through us.

I thank the Lord for this quick weekend holiday. It was fun romancing with the husband at Gaya Island Resort in Borneo. Continue Reading

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Random Thoughts

Vol 1 | Currently

I slacked in blogging last month. We have several projects and system enhancements (geek!) coming up so I have been busy with my day job, sometimes extending a few hours more to meet the deadlines. Church and outreach activities occupied my weekends too so there’s not much time to rewrite and proofread around 10 of my drafts pending to be published. I will work on that this month and hopefully be able to keep up with a lot of happenings! Thank God for work and opportunities to serve! :)

It’s a brand new month and to keep me reminded, here’s what’s happening CURRENTLY.. Continue Reading