Davao: Layak Paanod Adventure

Are you ready for the ride of your life? *drumroll* ;)

River Tubing or locally known as Paanod in Davao is an outdoor sport in which people ride salbabidas (or inner tubes, “donuts”, “biscuits” due to their shape) down a river. Depending on the conditions of the river, tubing can be a relaxing way to spend a day, or it can be an energizing wild adventure. It’s like white water rafting, but with tubes in place of the rafts. But unlike water rafting which you do in a group; this water sport depends on you entirely.

I’m not a swimmer so I was a little hesitant to float and flow freely down the rapids on my own. However, aside from Zorbing, this was another activity I was really excited about and looked forward on this trip. So as long as I have life vest on me, I’m not gonna back out. ;)

layak paanod davao

A typical tubing trip lasts for 3-4 hours. It is advisable to wear leggings and long sleeves to protect you from sunburn and to avoid bruises and scratches along the way. It is also recommended to wear aqua shoes or sandals that are tied to your feet so it won’t be swept away by the river. Layak team will provide the life jackets and helmets for additional safety.

layak paanod davao

Our contact, Kuya Marlon aka Lonax, texted as the directions to Layak Outdoors Shop located in Calinan. From where we’re staying in El Rio, we rode a jeep to Bangkerohan, and then got an L300 ride to Calinan.

We met our four (4) funny guides who are all as happy and excited as we are for the river tubing activity that day. With them, we had a 20-30 jeepney ride to Malagos and then an approximately 10-minute walk to the river. The way to the river is thick with trees, plants and grasses everywhere. Probinsiyang-probinsiya. :)

layak paanod davao Tada! Here’s Kuya Jinggoy, Kuya Empoy, and Kuya Lonax.
layak paanod davao Short briefing and reminders before the River Tubing

We were told that the river was shallow. We can stand on our feet if we fall out of the tubes. Though, there are deep areas, too. In any case, the best way to go on is just to float freely, Layak team is there to assist and rescue us all the way to end of the ride.

layak paanod davao The beautiful, clear waters of Talomo River.
layak paanod davao Yes, yes, yes, here we go!
layak paanod davao Enjoying the ride!

We mounted on to our river tubes, and with proper distance and timing, we were let go to the river one by one. It was worrying at first since we were just about to apply what we were told during the briefing. But once you find your balance and learn how to maneuver yourself in the rapids, you’re already a master of this water sport. ;)

layak paanod davao Landing spot for the nth time.

With the flowing current, the tube will freely run down the river until you reach the landing spot, where everyone stops and waits until all of us are together.

layak paanod davao

layak paanod davao

There are risks, of course, just like any other outdoor activities. You may fall out of the tube and get bruised by rocks. So being alert will help a lot to avoid and steer away from huge boulders. This will save you from bumps and bruises. I especially use my feet to push myself away from the rocks and carry on with the flow.

Here’s a funny video as we approached the “surprise” part of the cruise. Good Luck!

layak paanod davao The Train Ride

It isn’t all about floating on your own. There are also group float positions like Trio, and my favorite Train Ride where all our tubes are connected as we made our way down the rapids.

Here’s the video of the actual experience.

layak paanod davao This is Trio. The 4th person is the guide. :)

The Trio is where we are connected in circles. Like the Rio Grande in Enchanted Kingdom, we twist and turn as we drift through the waters.

By the way, it’s best to do the activity in the morning as the river current may already be heavy in the afternoon.

layak paanod davao

layak paanod davao

layak paanod davao

After a while, dealing with the rapids becomes easier when you get used to the flow and the bumps, it was a fun and very enjoyable cruise in the end. And happily, this was the most daring activity I’ve experienced in my traveling days. I’ve never used salbabida this way. And I’ve never loved it this much.

layak paanod davao Awoooo! Awoooo!
layak paanod davao Time to go back! Imagine, 10 people fit in this tricycle. Only in the Philippines!
layak paanod davaoAng sarap ng Lechong Manok at Liempo!

We headed back to the Shop to rinse and change clothes. Layak team even welcomed us to their Barkada and invited us for a lunch. :)

Layak Outdoors
Fausta Street, Calinan, Davao City
Website: Team Layak Paanod
Contact #s: 0909-639-1344 (Marlon) / 0910-423-0723 (Don Kaloy)
Activity Fee: Php 350.00 (as of Nov 2011)

**Bring an underwater camera to capture all the fun! Since we need our hands to paddle our way to the river, Kuya Lonax took charge of taking all the photos and videos. Thanks a bunch! :D

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